A common and practical advertising and business growth tool in today’s common market place in the use of search engine optimization – SEO to put clientele within touching distance of one’s business. In the modern day era where there is severe competition in every field of business, the ability to reach customers before your competitors do is paramount and that’s why having knowledge of SEO’s is essential to any business.


Whenever we nowadays want to find out information on anything or need to find a business what do we do- we google. Getting your company onto a front page of a search engine page may seem a daunting and expensive task, but in all actuality it is a lot simpler and hassle free than one may expect. There are some tips one may follow that will help push your business into the limelight. One such tip is to have a domain name that stands out from the rest. Whatever product one has to sell or service one has to offer, a memorable and snappy domain name will always help as you want something that strikes a chord with the reader and resonates in their mind even after they have moved on.

Highlighting the relevant key words, being mindful of not being too broad or narrow, and using them in SEO’s is key. Also keep your website interesting as any reader whether a novice or expert can stay engaged and interested. There is a great deal of importance placed on content, so limit the amount of irrelevant information on the site and stick to the core principles of the message you wish to convey as often just ‘filling’ in the information can lead to people becoming disinterested and moving on the another site. Amongst the many tactics in doing this, include videos, photos, external links, and so forth in order to not bore the reader with just heavy content.


Once the content and material of the website is moulded, there needs to be an emphasis on the layout and navigation of the site. Everything that one needs should be easily accessible to everyone navigation throughout the website should be smooth and manageable. Great focus should be given to the code of the site ensuring there is a SEO friendly URL structure so emphasis should be placed on consolidating your www and non www domain versions, usage of canonical tags, and the avoidance of dynamic URLs.


There are analytical tools that will aid in measuring the effectiveness of your SEO efforts, Google Analytics being one of the best as it is free and offers a vast amount of data and information in regard to visitor behaviour on your website. Webmaster tools are more in depth tools to analyse information that can be used to improve your SEO efforts. There are even SEO plugins to assist in optimising content. Once all this is done one can incorporate links into the ecommerce website and focus should be given to both volume and quality of the links provided as this can be reflective of your website as well, but of course maximising viewership and traffic on your website is a key element of making it a success and following some of the simple above steps should set you well on your way to achieving a successful business via your website. Our Singapore website design company Singapore takes care of all of these matters to make a successful website.