Photoshop Versus Sketch for Web Designing

For a very long time, Photoshop has been considered as the best software for web designers. It is still considered as the most commonly used software by majority of web designers. If you are a web designer as web design company Singapore and relying on Photoshop for designing, you are doing nothing wrong. On the other hand, there is nothing harm in learning about new options which might be more useful and practical. In this article, we will talk about one such new software which will bring more practical approach to your web designing.


Sketch is a new design app which has been recently introduced but it has definitely brought new meaning to the world of web designers. Before the invention of this design app, every web designer was hooked with Adobe Photoshop but things are changing now. You will see many web designer comparing Adobe Photoshop with Sketch and which one is more suitable and practical for them.
Sketch is especially made for web designer:
Users who have been using Photoshop for all of their lives would find changing difficult. But those who use this can tell how great this software is. According to these users, Sketch is especially made for web designers unlike Photoshop. Photoshop is a complex photo editing software which has only limited tools for web designers while Sketch is entirely developed keeping in mind a designer’s need. You will not have to go through unnecessary tools to find what is suitable to you.

Exclusive to Mac OS X:

Here is some good news for Mac users because Sketch is made exclusively for Mac OS X users. According to news, there is no Sketch version for Windows and Linux which is definitely not a good news for them.

Customizable Toolbar:

As many other software, with Sketch as well, you will be able to customize your top tool bar. You can do so by right-clicking on the top toolbar and you will be able to add as many item as you want.

To the Point Icons:

One good thing about Sketch is that you will find all those unnecessary icons gone which used to bother you in Adobe Photoshop. So it is time consuming, neat software for the people who are serious about their jobs. You no longer have to lose focus on the things which you do not want.

Useful Keyboard Shortcut keys:

Like Photoshop, you will also have the facility of keyboard shortcut keys in Sketch as well. It is always better to remember these shortcut keys if you are planning to work on this software every other day. You can also create your own customized shortcut keys which have proven quite helpful for Photoshop users as they can bring their old shortcut keys in this new software.

Intelligent Artboard Inspector:

Just like you used to do in Photoshop, the Artboard inspector of Sketch also lets you choose the right size. In fact the artboard inspector of Sketch is considered as more intelligent as it understand mathematics even better. You can also define sizes in form of percentage and the Sketch inspector will do the task for you.