Using Colors in Web Designing

Since the beginning of this world, colors have always been playing an important role especially when it comes to designs. In the world of web designing, colors also play a major role so you need to understand that to come up with a successful website. In this article, we will discuss all aspects of using colors which may have positive and negative effects on your web designing Singapore.

Theory of Colors:

Before you start using colors, you need to understand the real theory behind them. They definitely bring attention to themselves but in a website this is not always required. A web page always has important and unimportant data which can be differentiated with the choice of appropriate colors. If you browse through a number of websites on internet, you will notice that majority of them use black and white color for text in their websites. Colors are used in places where they want you to give special attention.

Special Color Schemes:

Color schemes are quite importantly used by majority of brands nowadays. Every brand has their special color scheme. For example Domino’s franchisee would always use Blue and Red color on their Logo, pizza boxes and stores. Similarly if you have a look at their website, you will notice the color scheme of Blue and red which emphasize their brand name. If you are creating website for a special brand, always keep their color scheme in mind.

Add Personality:

Colors add personality to a website. Within different pages of one website you can use different colors to give separate meaning of every page. For example in a photography challenge website Guru Shots, you will notice different color according to the theme of that photography challenge.

Use Complementary colors:

Understanding which colors complement each other is necessary before playing with them in web designing. Some colors are opposite to each other on a color band so using them on the same web page will give an odd look which you definitely do not want.

Colors and Website Theme:

It does not matter if you agree with this or not, some colors have their special meanings. For example Red is mostly used by News website to alert users. Color green is normally used by environmental sites and the sites associates with growth and stability. You will notice black color themed websites which are to show timelessness, power and infinity. It is always recommended to have some research before choosing any color theme for your website as it can give the wrong meaning.

Creates Flow:

Some users use colors in their website to create flow. Main page of a website can have different color scheme as compared to the inner pages. Similarly bold and bright colors can be used to show importance of main parts of websites.

You might have also noticed some big brands website without any bright colors. So colors are not always necessary to sell a product or to make your website successful. It is just the matter of using them sensibly.