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Your dog also has a conscience! 

Most of our common characteristics come down to our anatomy. Dogs have a heart that circulates the blood in their body, and they have lungs through which they breathe. Same as we do! They have a maximum of similar organs as humans like the stomach, intestine, liver, and brain.

Your dog also has a conscience. How did we know this? A sure indication of a bifurcated mind comes, when we get to know that our dog dreams. The dog dreams after having a bad day or a good day. Whenever they have had a good day, they fall asleep, and just after five months, they enter their REM phase. REM phase of sleep pattern stands for Rapid Eye Movement that happens almost right away in dogs. If we talk about humans, it takes around half an hour to one hour to enter that phase.

During the REM phase, your dog will be barking, wagging its tail, chasing, whining, swimming, and chewing. You can easily recognize a dog dreaming. The dream indicates that it has a subconscious mind that is there to relive the summary of the whole day. And if you have a subconscious mind, then you must have a conscious one too, as no one can have one without the other unless he or she is in a coma.

The conscious mind of your dog may contain the rules construct- the things he is allowed to do and the things he is not. Whereas the conscious mind contains the entire spectrum of memories, desires, autonomic functions. It just misses one factor that is the rules construct. It’s ungoverned. If you can accept this, then you must accept that a dog’s brain is made similar to ours and is capable of doing many things which we can do. To love, to desire, to feel guilty, to think, to manipulate, to key, to trust, and to not break certain rules. A dog, within 3 to 4 months of age learns not to pee in the house.

How then If it didn’t have a mind which is conscious with rules construct? By pack mentality? By instinct? No! From leaning only. Which you will be credible for.

So, that’s what is the beginning. You should give the dog some value for being skilled to think. Start looking for a school or some dog training courses for your dog, where he will be allowed to think, act and love each other.

Once you pick up a remaining school, take some time, read about it, and go for a demo class. You just observe the following things-

– The duration of the session and the attention of the trainer toward each dog.

– How the trainer and the dog are reacting with each other.

And connect with some of the best dog experts sitting in Singapore. You can freely leave your dog to us or can call our professional trainer at your preferred place to give your dog the best opportunity to learn and get trained with dog training courses offered by ‘Dog Training’.

Choosing Your First Condominium to rent

The first time, renting an apartment for yourself or family, it is difficult to do without the help of specialists. After all, the real estate market has its own characteristics and pitfalls. Before choosing an apartment for rent, pay attention to a few important points. And analyse how much it costs to rent an apartment in Singapore.

Do not pay any contributions to the inspection of the apartment and the conclusion of a preliminary agreement.

The process of renting a condominium is carried out in several stages, but it does not protect tenants from the risk of falling for fraudsters. Don’t pay for an apartment you haven’t seen. Any financial transactions must be carried out only after the conclusion of a formal agreement. The price of renting an apartment in Singapore is not small and ignoring the contract can get scammers. Excessive desire of the landlord to enter into a contract quickly.

The owner or intermediary when renting a condominium can strive for the fastest possible conclusion of the contract. This behaviour of the landlord can be alarming. Maybe something is wrong with the premises, or the owner is afraid of any inspections. However, this may be due to the personal plans of the owner of the apartment, which will not affect the tenant.

Try to contact the landlord

This may seem strange, but it is personal acquaintance with the owner that often helps to avoid many problems. Before choosing an apartment for rent, pay attention to how far the property owner lives. Does the landlord tend to try to control every detail and will he visit with regular inspections? Many luxury apartments are not in demand even at a reduced price. This can happen due to overly intrusive landlords.

Talk to potential neighbours

People living in the neighbourhood can tell important information about the house and the peculiarities of life in it. Another important factor is the propensity of others to conflict. If you do not want to face hostility or wonder at the habits of one of the residents – try to establish contact with the local population before concluding a formal lease. This remark is especially relevant if you are planning to rent a home for a long period. Renting an apartment should be prepared on all sides, which may cause problems for tenants.

Explore the surroundings

Before renting an apartment, you like, explore the surrounding area. Usually, a quiet area with underground parking can hide surprises, such as nightclubs or 24-hour restaurants nearby. After all, the night life of the city is significantly different from the daily routine and can create some inconvenience for residents. Before long-term rental of an apartment, you must take into account all the factors that are important to you in the area of ​​housing.

Check the operation of the faucets

Before entering the rented apartment with the owner, take the time to check the operation of faucets and sewers. It is the sewer system that is often the weak point of renting an apartment. Once you find the problem, you will not be surprised barely dripping water from the tap and will be able to negotiate on the spot with the landlord about solutions.

Also important is the efficiency of the air conditioner and additional heating systems. It is recommended to check it directly at the conclusion of the contract or preliminary inspection of housing in the presence of the owner.

Advantages of cooperation

When renting an apartment for the first time, it is better to trust a qualified specialist. Amber Sea developers will help you not only with the choice of a modern apartment, but also provide control over each stage of the transaction.  Find out more here.