What to Choose: Living in an Exclusive house or a Premium Apartment?

Living in an elite house attracts residents of large cities. The wave of demand for country villas is observed among the elite. Politicians and business owners are looking for calm and motivation for new accomplishments in a quiet area. Creative celebrities hide from intrusive fans or just get inspired by contemplating country landscapes. Family people want the comfort of home, which is so often disturbed by the hustle and bustle of the metropolis.

If the desire to relax from the noise and crowds does not leave you, you should decide to move to a suburban area. Among the negative consequences of such an important change are the abstraction from civilization and the additional cost of time and money on the way to work and shopping malls. Both points lose relevance when it comes to exclusive housing in club-type towns with expanded infrastructure.

Arguments in favour of the new condominiums

Despite the attractive conditions of country life, living in a deluxe condo is no less comfortable. A spacious “studio” in the style of high-tech emphasizes the high social status of the owner. And in the elegant “the Avenir” apartments you can arrange a cosy and comfortable family nest. Numerous features of modern condos can make you exchange a cottage for housing in a high-rise building.

  • Individual planning. Combine the living room with a dining room in the Scandinavian style, to allocate separate bedrooms for each family member and guests, to equip an office with access to the loggia – in a new format apartment everything is possible.
  • Comfort technologies. Conveniences come to the fore if you need to constantly run somewhere, keep up and do not waste time on solving everyday problems.
  • The grey “boxes” were replaced by minimalist and at the same time bright high-rises with coloured or snow-white facades.
  • A high level of comfort, the most modern technologies in sound insulation, and the highest quality building materials – the convenience of living in The Aveniris guaranteed to you. (read more on upcoming The Avenir)
  • Safety in luxury real estate is approached responsibly. The best fire safety techniques are installed, video surveillance of the local area, round-the-clock security guard.
  • The presence and convenient location of entertainment centres, shops, restaurants and cafes, schools and kindergartens, beauty salons and gyms is important in the infrastructure of a premium complex.

The cost of apartments in famous complexes is a bit high, but the high level of comfort and convenience of living justifies such a price. Buying an apartment in a first-class complex can be regarded as an excellent investment, because such real estate is always in price. The price depends on many factors.

The location of the complex, its infrastructure, the adjoining territory also have a huge impact on price formation. The best part is, exclusive residential condos offer the opportunity not only to buy an apartment, but also to rent it. Decide on the selection of a first-class residential complex to find the apartment of your dreams. Only experienced professionals who know all the intricacies of the leading housing market and take the client’s wishes seriously and responsibly will help you choose exactly the kind of property you need.

A wide variety of residential complexes on the real estate market in Singapore allows you to choose an apartment based on your needs and desires. One more example is Amber Sea, check out Amber Sea detailed review here. New technologies and design solutions allow developers to amaze their customers with quality and appearance. Bright apartments that have a large and spacious layout, a magnificent view from the apartment window – this is a desired residential complex.