Some Mistakes Every Web Designer should avoid

Every minute a new website is being designed and developed by web designers out there. That does not mean that every website design is a perfect hit. There are some secrets which makes your website a successful one and some mistakes which you need to avoid while designing a website. Following are mentioned some mistakes which you should avoid in order to be a corporate website design Singapore and a good web designer.

Slow website:

No one likes a slow website. How many times you have closed a web page which takes more than a minute to load? Would you want your website to be treated same? No, then you must take all measures to make sure your website is fast. Do not use huge images because in most cases this is reason to make your website slow.

Too much Data:

Do not clutter your web page with too much data. Some websites demand lots of text but you can always keep it organized so no user gets irritated by it.


This is also a very important factor in making a website look professional. You need to crop your images properly so they do not look odd but too much cropping can also destroy an image.

Searching Facility:

A website without a search box almost always fails to be successful and attract more customers. While designing your website, always add the option of search box and try to make it as efficient as possible by adding advanced search options.


Homepage is the spinal cord of any website. It must contains all the necessary information about the website but do not clutter it with too much data. It is always preferred to make a homepage at your best leisure time so that you can come up with something great.


Metadata is also very important for a website especially when a user is searching some data. While you are adding images to your page, always do proper tagging and add metadata instead of random numbers because this will make the search easier.

Easy Navigation:

A website with poor navigation will choose the customer’s attention soon. Primary navigation is easier to design but it is not preferred by users. Whichever method you use but try to make navigation of your page quite easy and user friendly.

Proper scaling of Images:

While you are adding images in your page, it is necessary to properly scale them. If one image is too large and other is small, it will give a bad effect on the appearance of your website. Always choose a proper scale and try to keep all of the images on your website according to that.


No one can have a look at your website in one go but giving a proper summary of your website is very important. To make sure, users get glimpse of all of the stuff in your website design, use of proper thumbnails is very important.