Some Basic Web Design Tips

Web design is not something which you may learn in one day but it is also not something impossible. You can always learn how to be a good web designer. This article will give you some basic tips which you can learn in order to be a good web designer.

  • Get inspiration from other web designers:

There are plenty of web designers out there and in order to learn more about this field, you need to take some inspiration from great web designers. There is no harm in learning from those who are already good in your field but that does not necessarily mean that you have to copy them.

  • Search before you start:

Before you start working on your website, it is recommended to always search thoroughly about it. You must keep all your content ready and there is no harm in making a proper list of all the stuff you will need while making a website.

  • proper planning:

As a web designer you must always plan and organize your website from beginning. You must decide about the target audience who will be interested in your website. You must have all the paper work organized and does all the work in your mind before you start working on your website. This way you will be able to develop a website sooner than you think.

  • Make Folders:

A website needs text, files, images and videos as well. It is better to make proper folders and subfolders for all the data required. So when you need that data, you know where it is placed in your computer.

Simple Design:

While you are choosing your design, do not go crazy with all the complicated designs just to prove yourself an expert. As a beginner web designer of design company Singapore, it is recommended to start with simple design. The simpler the design, easier it will be for you to handle it. Choose colours carefully which depicts the logo and brand of your company.

Small images:

One major mistake which beginner web designer makes is use of large images. Large images look good because of their high quality but it will also make your web page heavy and your web page will load slowly. As a web designer, you do not want to make your web page slow while loading.

Readable Text:

Every web page needs text. As a good web designer, you must always try to keep your text narrow. It is better if your user does not have to scroll from left to right to read all the text. Also try not to fill up your website with too much text as this makes your web page cluttered.

Contact information:

A professional website will always have your business contact information for people to contact you. Do not forget to keep the About Us or contact us field on your website.


Once the website is finished, another important thing which you need to is Search engine optimization because without a proper SEO, your website will not be ranked high in Google ranking. Website maintenance Singapore will help you with website design and SEO of your website.