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How to Setting up an E-commerce Website

Do you own a business? Do you sell services or products which can be sold online? And what cannot be sold online? Everything starting from big products like electronics to grocery is being sold online nowadays. Lives are getting busier and people prefer to don online shopping. Thus it is the need of hour to build a good e-commerce website design – for your business and start selling your products online. In this website, we will discuss all these important factors which you need to consider in order to make an e-commerce website.

There are few main components which every e-commerce website must have:
1. Shopping basket
2. Products
3. Account details for customers to make payment
4. Gateway account for the payment to be processed
Following are details of all these main components which need to be there on your e-commerce website.

1) Shopping Basket:
Shopping basket is the place where customers will add any item which they need to buy. The exact mathematic of this shopping basket is quite important because your customer’s satisfaction may effect that. You can pay extra attention to this part by making sure nothing goes wrong. You need to have the option of adding and removing items from the basket for customers. Also you need to have some admin side control on your basket so you could delete any item from there if needed. As basket is directly involved with the product, you need to make your product inventory quite successful in this regard.
You also need to account proper sales reports generation method and other management control in your website.

You can get your shopping cart made by some web developer from scratch but this of course is pretty expensive. Or you can hire a third party application and use their shopping cart for your website. The most common third party applications are PayPal and Yahoo stores. You can choose any of these methods depending on your budget but at the end of the day it is the customer’s satisfaction which matters the most.

2) Products:
Product pages is the most important component of your website because this where a customer will spend most of their time. These pages should be professional and user friendly. Customers must find themselves easy to navigate through these pages. While designing these pages, keep yourself in place of your customer and think about their happiness.

3) Account details for customers to make payment
These accounts are necessary because you will want them to process credit card payment on your behalf. If you are going to sell products online, you will also need one such account on your online store.

4) Gateway account for the payment to be processed:
If you are planning to sell products online through your website, you will need to have a merchant account. A merchant account will help accepting payment from customer through credit card details. For that you will have to contact your local banks and talk to them about this. All of the above mentioned methods are necessary in order to set up an e-commerce website for your business.
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