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Using Colors in Web Designing

Since the beginning of this world, colors have always been playing an important role especially when it comes to designs. In the world of web designing, colors also play a major role so you need to understand that to come up with a successful website. In this article, we will discuss all aspects of using colors which may have positive and negative effects on your web designing Singapore.

Theory of Colors:

Before you start using colors, you need to understand the real theory behind them. They definitely bring attention to themselves but in a website this is not always required. A web page always has important and unimportant data which can be differentiated with the choice of appropriate colors. If you browse through a number of websites on internet, you will notice that majority of them use black and white color for text in their websites. Colors are used in places where they want you to give special attention.

Special Color Schemes:

Color schemes are quite importantly used by majority of brands nowadays. Every brand has their special color scheme. For example Domino’s franchisee would always use Blue and Red color on their Logo, pizza boxes and stores. Similarly if you have a look at their website, you will notice the color scheme of Blue and red which emphasize their brand name. If you are creating website for a special brand, always keep their color scheme in mind.

Add Personality:

Colors add personality to a website. Within different pages of one website you can use different colors to give separate meaning of every page. For example in a photography challenge website Guru Shots, you will notice different color according to the theme of that photography challenge.

Use Complementary colors:

Understanding which colors complement each other is necessary before playing with them in web designing. Some colors are opposite to each other on a color band so using them on the same web page will give an odd look which you definitely do not want.

Colors and Website Theme:

It does not matter if you agree with this or not, some colors have their special meanings. For example Red is mostly used by News website to alert users. Color green is normally used by environmental sites and the sites associates with growth and stability. You will notice black color themed websites which are to show timelessness, power and infinity. It is always recommended to have some research before choosing any color theme for your website as it can give the wrong meaning.

Creates Flow:

Some users use colors in their website to create flow. Main page of a website can have different color scheme as compared to the inner pages. Similarly bold and bright colors can be used to show importance of main parts of websites.

You might have also noticed some big brands website without any bright colors. So colors are not always necessary to sell a product or to make your website successful. It is just the matter of using them sensibly.

Tips to choose a web designer

Are you planning to open a new website? No matter if it is a personal website or to promote your business, you need to choose Singapore web designer carefully to get good results. In this article, we are going to discuss some important tips which are necessary in order to choose a web designer.

Ask for a Portfolio:

A professional web designer would always have his/her portfolio. They use their portfolio to sell their services to more customers and always keep on updating that. If you are about to hire a web designer, it is always recommended to ask for a portfolio as you will get more idea about his work by seeing at his previous work. Not only that, you can only assess the designs and style of a web designer by looking at his/her portfolio.

Suitable Content Management System:

One of the major issues with getting your website developed by a web designer is the content management system being used. In most of the cases, a web designer would use such content management system which a client will not be able to use in future. As a result, every time you need to edit any content in your website, you will have to go back to the web designer. And not to forget the additional fee they are going to charge.

Extra and Hidden Cost:

It is always advised to ask your web developer about the complete and final cost. You do not want to be asked to pay more when the website is complete and you had not idea about this hidden cost.

Discuss your Goal with Web designer:

You may not think about it but this is quite crucial. You must always discuss your aims and wishes with your web designer. He needs to completely understand what are you are looking forward to and what your goals are behind developing this website. If he is unable to understand your business, he will come up with a website which is not as good as your thought it to be.

SEO of Website:

Without proper SEO a website will do no good to your business. You must always discuss this thing with your web developer as well. If he does not know how to do Search Engine Optimization of a website, you will most likely have to hire someone else for this task.

Content of website:

Most of the web developers will ask you to provide with the content of website while they are working on the basic design and imagery. It is always recommended to discuss about the content of website before they start working on the basic design. Also tell them how much content you want on your web page as this will help them in developing a better and suitable design accordingly.

You should also try to meet with your web developer in person instead of handling your task to an organization for example design company Singapore who will outsource your task to someone else as this may result in lack of communication and understanding.

Some nice Tips for WordPress Website

For millions of users out there who wanted a small website for their business, WordPress has been the solution. WordPress web design Singapore has really efficient and easy to understand Content Management System which everybody would find easy to work with. It is not necessary that you cannot work on complicated and big websites with the help of WordPress. In fact, majority of great websites around the world are designed with the help of WordPress. In this article, we are going to discuss some nice and creative tips for first time WordPress users to help them create a website of their own web development company.

Good Hosting Service:

Hosting is one of the most important factor to keep your website up and running all the time. Before your website is being built, you need to look for a managed hosting service for your website. Good hosting services will always their customer with the offer of regular updates as well.

Better Themes:

When you start making a website, first thing which comes in your mind is theme. Good thing with WordPress is that it has thousands of amazing themes which you can take advantage of for your website. These websites are easy to work with and you can modify them without any must trouble.

Website Configuration:

As soon as the website is filled with content and has a proper theme, next thing which comes in your mind is the website configuration. In this part, you need to think about the comments section of your website and how the permalinks is going to work. Good news is that all of this is easily possible in WordPress settings.

Appropriate Plugins:

It looks quite interesting to add as many plugins in your website as possible because to be honest WordPress offers a lot. But remember that too many plugins will slow your website and you would never want that.

Mobile Website:

Nowadays majority of people are using websites on their mobile maybe because it is inconvenient. In any case, as a good web designer you should always make sure that your website is mobile friendly. If your website is not mobile friendly, you will lose half of your customers. It does not matter if you are designing a website for yourself or for somebody else, your website need to be mobile friendly if you want it to be successful.

Good SEO:

When your website is all ready to go online and publish, it is necessary to make it famous online because otherwise it will be just vanished in the millions of other web pages on internet. To make your website reachable to people, it should rank high in Google first pages. The key to bring it on top on Google ranking, you need to do proper Search Engine Optimization. You can hire an expert for SEO of your website or you can do it yourself if you have enough time. The advantage of using WordPress to design your website is that WordPress plugin like WordPress SEO by Yoast will help you with SEO of your website.

Some Mistakes Every Web Designer should avoid

Every minute a new website is being designed and developed by web designers out there. That does not mean that every website design is a perfect hit. There are some secrets which makes your website a successful one and some mistakes which you need to avoid while designing a website. Following are mentioned some mistakes which you should avoid in order to be a corporate website design Singapore and a good web designer.

Slow website:

No one likes a slow website. How many times you have closed a web page which takes more than a minute to load? Would you want your website to be treated same? No, then you must take all measures to make sure your website is fast. Do not use huge images because in most cases this is reason to make your website slow.

Too much Data:

Do not clutter your web page with too much data. Some websites demand lots of text but you can always keep it organized so no user gets irritated by it.


This is also a very important factor in making a website look professional. You need to crop your images properly so they do not look odd but too much cropping can also destroy an image.

Searching Facility:

A website without a search box almost always fails to be successful and attract more customers. While designing your website, always add the option of search box and try to make it as efficient as possible by adding advanced search options.


Homepage is the spinal cord of any website. It must contains all the necessary information about the website but do not clutter it with too much data. It is always preferred to make a homepage at your best leisure time so that you can come up with something great.


Metadata is also very important for a website especially when a user is searching some data. While you are adding images to your page, always do proper tagging and add metadata instead of random numbers because this will make the search easier.

Easy Navigation:

A website with poor navigation will choose the customer’s attention soon. Primary navigation is easier to design but it is not preferred by users. Whichever method you use but try to make navigation of your page quite easy and user friendly.

Proper scaling of Images:

While you are adding images in your page, it is necessary to properly scale them. If one image is too large and other is small, it will give a bad effect on the appearance of your website. Always choose a proper scale and try to keep all of the images on your website according to that.


No one can have a look at your website in one go but giving a proper summary of your website is very important. To make sure, users get glimpse of all of the stuff in your website design, use of proper thumbnails is very important.

Photoshop Versus Sketch for Web Designing

For a very long time, Photoshop has been considered as the best software for web designers. It is still considered as the most commonly used software by majority of web designers. If you are a web designer as web design company Singapore and relying on Photoshop for designing, you are doing nothing wrong. On the other hand, there is nothing harm in learning about new options which might be more useful and practical. In this article, we will talk about one such new software which will bring more practical approach to your web designing.


Sketch is a new design app which has been recently introduced but it has definitely brought new meaning to the world of web designers. Before the invention of this design app, every web designer was hooked with Adobe Photoshop but things are changing now. You will see many web designer comparing Adobe Photoshop with Sketch and which one is more suitable and practical for them.
Sketch is especially made for web designer:
Users who have been using Photoshop for all of their lives would find changing difficult. But those who use this can tell how great this software is. According to these users, Sketch is especially made for web designers unlike Photoshop. Photoshop is a complex photo editing software which has only limited tools for web designers while Sketch is entirely developed keeping in mind a designer’s need. You will not have to go through unnecessary tools to find what is suitable to you.

Exclusive to Mac OS X:

Here is some good news for Mac users because Sketch is made exclusively for Mac OS X users. According to news, there is no Sketch version for Windows and Linux which is definitely not a good news for them.

Customizable Toolbar:

As many other software, with Sketch as well, you will be able to customize your top tool bar. You can do so by right-clicking on the top toolbar and you will be able to add as many item as you want.

To the Point Icons:

One good thing about Sketch is that you will find all those unnecessary icons gone which used to bother you in Adobe Photoshop. So it is time consuming, neat software for the people who are serious about their jobs. You no longer have to lose focus on the things which you do not want.

Useful Keyboard Shortcut keys:

Like Photoshop, you will also have the facility of keyboard shortcut keys in Sketch as well. It is always better to remember these shortcut keys if you are planning to work on this software every other day. You can also create your own customized shortcut keys which have proven quite helpful for Photoshop users as they can bring their old shortcut keys in this new software.

Intelligent Artboard Inspector:

Just like you used to do in Photoshop, the Artboard inspector of Sketch also lets you choose the right size. In fact the artboard inspector of Sketch is considered as more intelligent as it understand mathematics even better. You can also define sizes in form of percentage and the Sketch inspector will do the task for you.


A common and practical advertising and business growth tool in today’s common market place in the use of search engine optimization – SEO to put clientele within touching distance of one’s business. In the modern day era where there is severe competition in every field of business, the ability to reach customers before your competitors do is paramount and that’s why having knowledge of SEO’s is essential to any business.


Whenever we nowadays want to find out information on anything or need to find a business what do we do- we google. Getting your company onto a front page of a search engine page may seem a daunting and expensive task, but in all actuality it is a lot simpler and hassle free than one may expect. There are some tips one may follow that will help push your business into the limelight. One such tip is to have a domain name that stands out from the rest. Whatever product one has to sell or service one has to offer, a memorable and snappy domain name will always help as you want something that strikes a chord with the reader and resonates in their mind even after they have moved on.

Highlighting the relevant key words, being mindful of not being too broad or narrow, and using them in SEO’s is key. Also keep your website interesting as any reader whether a novice or expert can stay engaged and interested. There is a great deal of importance placed on content, so limit the amount of irrelevant information on the site and stick to the core principles of the message you wish to convey as often just ‘filling’ in the information can lead to people becoming disinterested and moving on the another site. Amongst the many tactics in doing this, include videos, photos, external links, and so forth in order to not bore the reader with just heavy content.


Once the content and material of the website is moulded, there needs to be an emphasis on the layout and navigation of the site. Everything that one needs should be easily accessible to everyone navigation throughout the website should be smooth and manageable. Great focus should be given to the code of the site ensuring there is a SEO friendly URL structure so emphasis should be placed on consolidating your www and non www domain versions, usage of canonical tags, and the avoidance of dynamic URLs.


There are analytical tools that will aid in measuring the effectiveness of your SEO efforts, Google Analytics being one of the best as it is free and offers a vast amount of data and information in regard to visitor behaviour on your website. Webmaster tools are more in depth tools to analyse information that can be used to improve your SEO efforts. There are even SEO plugins to assist in optimising content. Once all this is done one can incorporate links into the ecommerce website and focus should be given to both volume and quality of the links provided as this can be reflective of your website as well, but of course maximising viewership and traffic on your website is a key element of making it a success and following some of the simple above steps should set you well on your way to achieving a successful business via your website. Our Singapore website design company Singapore takes care of all of these matters to make a successful website.

How to promote business through proper website

As a web designer and developer, it is your responsibility to promote one’s business. A website which is meant to sell some product or service is just like a store. You are not only supposed to open the doors of your store but you also need to make sure that people pay attention towards your store. In this article, we will discuss all the important steps you may take in order to promote your business with help of website.

  • Make it attractive:

As a web designer you must make your website as attractive to viewers as possible. For this, you need to know all the facts which make a web page attractive to visitors. A web page should not be slow in any case because if your website takes time to load, it is enough motivation for a customer to go to another website in that time.

  • Make it user friendly:

A user friendly website will always attract more customers. A user will love to go back to the same online store again if he/she had good experience in first time. If you are selling some services through website, make sure to leave your contact information in good and readable form. If you are selling some products, try to invest in a good and easy-to-use online store for people of all ages.

  • Good design:

A good website design is the key to success for an online business. You can use from free templates and social media tools like Facebook, Twitter and Google +. Always keep in mind your target audience while choosing the design and theme of your website. For example, if your website is for serious businessmen, putting colourful and immature images and slides is not going to help you. You can always take help and inspiration from Web Design Singapore.

Proper SEO:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as most commonly known as SEO is very important for any website to be on the top of Google ranking. You may need to hire an SEO expert for this cause but this is definitely worth investing for the success of your business.

Advertise your website:

As a businessman, you cannot just rely on promoting your website online. You will have to advertise your website along with your business. Tell people about your website through your business cards, flyers and whenever you talk to somebody. Remember, there are many people who still do not go online to search about a product so you must also focus equally on selling your products and website offline.

Free Marketing Tools:

There are plenty of free marketing tools online which you can take advantage of. These marketing tools vary from social media campaigning to free search engine optimization. So far Facebook and other such social media sites are considered best to advertise your business website.

As a successful web designer, you need to understand all above mentioned techniques and follow them to create a successful website. You can make your website successful by either hiring a good website designing company like design agency Singapore or learning web designing yourself.

Creativity and Web Designing

According to the majority of people, you need to be creative to start a web design company in Singapore. This is true up to some extent but that does not mean that you cannot learn how to be creative. Creativity is not something which you are always born with, you can always teach yourself and get inspiration from more people. In this article, we are going to talk about how to be a creative web designer.

Do not Copy:

There is no harm in taking inspiration from other’s work but copying any other web designer work will kill your creativity. It is recommended to take ideas from other great web designers and then create something which depicts your ideas. Learn how to choose a web designer

Create something New:

Do not be afraid to take a risk and create something new. All great painters never thought their painting will be this much appreciated. They took some risk into creating something new and they were rewarded with huge success. If you want your website to be praised, it is necessary that you come up with something new.

Get Inspiration:

As an artist and designer, we always seek for some inspiration. It is not necessary to go from one website to other in hunt of some inspiration. In fact, you can get inspiration from things around you on daily life for example from magazine publication, interior designs and even some paintings. You can seek inspiration from nature as well.

Unique Fonts:

More than 50 % of your website is filled with text so as a creative web designer, you must try to make your website unique by using interesting fonts. It is not necessary to always use those boring fonts which are being used in every other website. But on the other hand, do not lose professionalism by using funky fonts in a business website.

Learn Photoshop:

Photoshop is the key to success for any web designer. If you are planning to be a web designer, first thing which you must do is taking Photoshop classes. You can also try YouTube tutorials in order to learn some good Photoshop tricks at home. Once you learn photoshop, you can create websites according to your own will. Removing or adding any object from the design will be a matter of few shortcuts to you.

Innovative Backgrounds:

No doubt a website is made with content but backgrounds complete it. You can add creativity in your website by adding innovative and interesting backgrounds. If you want your website to look different than hundreds of other websites, start by adding unique backgrounds which a user will remember for long time.

Choose Color Scheme Wisely:

Color scheme plays an important role in the world of designing. You need to choose colors very wisely while you are designing a website. For example, if you are making a website which is associated with the environment, use Green color. Similarly, if you are making website for a specific brand, always use the colors which are associated with that specific brand.

Do not hesitate if you are not creative as you can always learn and add creativity in your website development with time.

Some Basic Web Design Tips

Web design is not something which you may learn in one day but it is also not something impossible. You can always learn how to be a good web designer. This article will give you some basic tips which you can learn in order to be a good web designer.

  • Get inspiration from other web designers:

There are plenty of web designers out there and in order to learn more about this field, you need to take some inspiration from great web designers. There is no harm in learning from those who are already good in your field but that does not necessarily mean that you have to copy them.

  • Search before you start:

Before you start working on your website, it is recommended to always search thoroughly about it. You must keep all your content ready and there is no harm in making a proper list of all the stuff you will need while making a website.

  • proper planning:

As a web designer you must always plan and organize your website from beginning. You must decide about the target audience who will be interested in your website. You must have all the paper work organized and does all the work in your mind before you start working on your website. This way you will be able to develop a website sooner than you think.

  • Make Folders:

A website needs text, files, images and videos as well. It is better to make proper folders and subfolders for all the data required. So when you need that data, you know where it is placed in your computer.

Simple Design:

While you are choosing your design, do not go crazy with all the complicated designs just to prove yourself an expert. As a beginner web designer of design company Singapore, it is recommended to start with simple design. The simpler the design, easier it will be for you to handle it. Choose colours carefully which depicts the logo and brand of your company.

Small images:

One major mistake which beginner web designer makes is use of large images. Large images look good because of their high quality but it will also make your web page heavy and your web page will load slowly. As a web designer, you do not want to make your web page slow while loading.

Readable Text:

Every web page needs text. As a good web designer, you must always try to keep your text narrow. It is better if your user does not have to scroll from left to right to read all the text. Also try not to fill up your website with too much text as this makes your web page cluttered.

Contact information:

A professional website will always have your business contact information for people to contact you. Do not forget to keep the About Us or contact us field on your website.


Once the website is finished, another important thing which you need to is Search engine optimization because without a proper SEO, your website will not be ranked high in Google ranking. Website maintenance Singapore will help you with website design and SEO of your website.

Web design strategies for your business

No website, no matter how good it is can survive without strategic planning. The biggest mistake made by most businesses is that they do not invest enough time and money in strategic planning of a website. We see some great websites on the internet which are creatively designed and well-functioning but what makes them work is some dedicated hours of strategic planning. There are some good web design agencies in Singapore that can help you with strategic development of your website, Novage Communications-web design company Singapore lets you build your business with strategy web design.

Social Media Marketing is a significant part of these tactics as businesses need to reach potential clients and connect with their customers for their feedback so as to strengthen their online brand image. It is a cost-effective medium for marketing your products and services. It is essential that businesses have a strong social media presence. Wynn SEO provides services for social media marketing in Singapore. You can just put the social media integration on your website, if people like your products and services, they will share the link with their friends.
Before you start designing a website, you should have the basics cleared about what you are trying to achieve through your website. This is not so simple because everyone has a different vision. You need to compile the different visions from the different people concerned so as to obtain two or three basic goals that everyone wants to attain.

The most important role in deciding your website’s future is played by the audience. Collect as much information about your audience as you could. You need to know about their age, profession, hobbies everything. You can do this research by taking customer interviews, conducting surveys, competitive analysis, there are many other ways depending on how deeply you want to research.

Your brand image should be clearly explained to your web-designers so that they can they can convey the right emotion. Many times it happens that people receive mixed messages from a confusing brand image. You should clearly define what you want your customers to feel about your website.

After you have gained enough knowledge about your audience, it is time to implement that knowledge into the design. Your website design should be user-focused, it should have an intuitive user interface so that users can navigate easily through it. Design a well-organized architecture for managing the site’s content.

A good website is the one that not only scores in appearance but also leads you towards your goals. You can find out whether your website is achieving that by installing a good analytics tracking system. Google analytics can do the right job for you.

If the plan goes well, its execution goes well too. A well-planned strategy ensures efficient design and reduces the risk of failure. Also, in a well-developed strategic process, you end up with a comprehensive blueprint document that you can use if you ever decide to expand your project in future. It is important that you make things right at the first place only so that you don’t have to face costly setbacks.